The Division 2: AI Problems and Damage Scaling After the Last Update

The Division 2: No Matchmaking for the 8 Player Raid

Managing projects like Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is not easy at all, given the many variables involved. The developers of Massive have already had to face and solve several critical issues in the past, and apparently, now they are forced to roll up their sleeves again.

The Title Update 4 published last week was not limited to introducing the new Gunner specialization but also brought with it several problems. Judging from the reports available on the net, something seems to have gone wrong with the balance of the artificial intelligence of the enemies, since the latter began to behave in a strange way. In some situations they are entrenched in their positions, in others they do exactly the opposite, charging players indiscriminately. In a heavily based title, it is not the best. In addition to this, damage scaling is also included does not seem to work properly. Some users claim to have been killed instantly by enemies who would not normally be able to do so.

The situation is not the most optimistic, therefore we hope that the development team will intervene as soon as possible. We take the opportunity to remind you that Twitch Prime subscribers can redeem the package with Baseball items at no additional cost.