Anthem: The New PTS Patch Introduces the Seasonal Store

Anthem Sold Below Expectations, Good for Battlefield 5

In recent hours, the Anthem Public Test Servers have been updated with a new patch that aims to improve the Cataclysm experience and introduce some small changes.

One of these is the seasonal shop, where players can buy different cosmetic items by spending the crystals that can be obtained by playing the event. These items will be exclusive of the season and it is therefore unlikely that they will return for sale later. As far as the Cataclysm is concerned, the system updates several technical problems and adds new animations, improves the intermission scenes and solves the problems in the sound sector. Obviously many bugs have also been fixed, improving the gaming experience of the new content.

If you are in possession of the PC version of Anthem and want to test the Cataclysm, all you have to do is open the game panel on Origin and activate access to the beta, which will immediately start downloading the PTS version. Unfortunately, we do not know the definitive release date of the new event since the Anthem DLC roadmap has recently undergone heavy changes.