Apex Legends: Another Message Related to Dragons Appears

Apex Legends:

There is now less than a week to go before the official launch of the second season of Apex Legends, during which the contents could be more numerous than those announced during the EA Play at E3 2019.

In the last few days, the official social media channels of the game are being updated with various messages with rather strange content. If the other day there was the talk of an error it is caused by the entry of the Flyers into the arena, the one just published refers to a technical problem of the tower located in Repulsore, caused also in this case by the entrance of the creatures. According to what has been written, the problem now seems to have been solved by amplifying the tower signal, but almost certainly something new will happen shortly.

This series of problems could be used to introduce the new hero Crypto, who apparently is also a skilled hacker, or the same Wattson, who could enter the arena to solve the situation personally. The only thing certain is that the monstrous dragons will cause changes to the Canyon of the Kings.

At this point we can only wait for the next tweet, reminding you that Apex Legends Season 2 will start next Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 and, among the various new features, there is also a competitive mode.