Daymare 1998: 1 Hour Gameplay Video Released

Daymare 1998

If you can’t wait to find out in detail the gameplay of Daymare 1998, then you can’t absolutely miss the very long movie published by the developers, in which you can watch the title in motion for about an hour.

The video, extracted from the PC version of the game, allows us to admire both the narrative component and the one relating to the combat phases ofthe third person horror shooter inspired by the old Resident Evil. Since there are several intermission scenes, we do not advise you to watch the video in case you do not want to spoil the surprise and discover all the details of the plot by yourself.

The release of the game continues to be fixed to a generic “summer 2019” for what concerns the PC version only (Steam), while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will have to wait a little longer. For the uninitiated, Daymare 1998 is developed by the all-Italian Invader Studios team.

Before leaving you to the video, we remind you that on our pages you will also find a video on the Daymare 1998 top-up system, which will resume some of the mechanics of the first Resident Evil. Did you know that in Daymare 1998 there will be the voice actor of Leon, Paul Haddad?