Dead Space’s Dad Is Developing PUBG’s New Narrative Shooter


Through the pages of the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds YouTube channel, Glen A. Schofield, the co-founder of Visceral Games and author of the now historic Dead Space horror franchise, confirms that he is working on a new narrative FPS set in the size of PUBG.

“Our new project will offer an original narrative experience within the PUBG universe, explains Schofield himself, announcing in the video that he is the head of Striking Distance, a new development team within PUGB Corporation and Bluehole Studio.

In illustrating the reasons that prompted him to embark on this important challenge , the former boss of Sledgehammer Games and dad of Dead Space made it clear that “as creative, the freedom to explore the universe of PUBG has thrilled me with the possibilities who can offer this franchise, which I consider to be beyond the genre of battle royale shooters . 

Glen Schofield thus reiterates that the project will not represent a sequel to PUBG but will take very different outlines from those of the original title, while still remaining within the same FPS dimension. With the PUBG battle royale, on the other hand, the leaders of PUBG Bluehole continue to enjoy incredible success among fans of the genre, selling millions of copies despite the fierce competition of Apex Legends and Fortnite.