Destiny 2: The New Eververse Emote Is Inspired by Dragon Ball

Destiny 2 The New Eververse Emote Is Inspired by Dragon Ball

Are you a Dragon Ball fan and do you usually play Destiny 2? Then you can’t miss the brand new emote that will go on sale all week at the Tess Everis store, the Eververse.

This new animation, exclusive to the Season of Wealth, will allow two guardians to perform the now historic gestures that have allowed Goten and Trunks to create Gotenks, a fusion between the two boys. The operation of the emote is very similar to the one that allows you to beat the 5 with another Guardian, it will be enough to get close to a player who activated it and holds down the action button to start the fun choreography.

Like all the new emotes of this season, the only way to get it for free is to spend your own Bright Powder. Otherwise, you can always buy seasonal engrams with silver and hope to find the emote randomly in one of them.

The next expansion of the game will be called Ombre dal Profondo and will make its debut on 17 September 2019. To accompany the DLC there will also be the free to play Destiny New Light, containing all the expansions of the first year of the second chapter.