Don’t Live Alone Switch: Nintendo Updates the Wii U Firmware by Surprise!


Despite Switch’s incredible commercial success, Nintendo’s top management stoically decided to continue to support Wii U by making available a new update that brings the console’s firmware to version 5.5.4.

The new update, as we can easily guess, does not introduce new features but limits itself to “improving the general stability of the system and making other small changes to improve the user experience”, along the lines of the firmware updates made by Nintendo since 2014 to date , that is from the publication of the last “Major Update” which implemented the Quick Start Menu and the notices from the console GamePad.

In the two years since the launch of Nintendo Switch, the last console of the Grande N boasts a three times higher console installed base than Wii U, with video game sales 200% higher. It is not surprising, therefore, that if all the third-party development houses and the same internal teams of Nintendo (the last first party game was Zelda Breath of the Wild ) have decided to abandon the console despite still having a pretty community tight-knit.

As for Nintendo’s future, did you know that the Kyoto company recently ordered a large number of memory chips to produce what, according to insiders and industry analysts, could represent the new Switch Mini model?