Fallout 76: Update Available to Enhance Nuclear Winter’s Experience

Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter: Bethesda Announces That the Mode Will Remain Active!

It really seems that Bethesda wants to focus a lot on the Fallout 76, Nuclear Winter battle royale, and the update released in the last few hours significantly improves some aspects of this new mode.

In fact, among the main novelties of the patch, we find the possibility of setting a default under arming exclusively for the battle royale, a balance in the generation of chests and some changes to the frequency of weapons such as automatic combat rifles and machine guns. There is no shortage of minor adjustments for the classic mode, as the update includes a significant amount of bugfixes which should further improve game stability.

Another important goal of this patch is to start the transition from the “pre-beta” phase of Nuclear Winter to that of “beta”.

Upgrading to version 10.5 will force you to download about 3 GB on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and only one GB on PC. In case you want to read every single news of this update, we invite you to visit the official website, where the changelog has just been published.

Did you know that Pete Hines recently stated that Bethesda never thought for a moment of abandoning Fallout 76? It also appears that support for the Fallout 76 mods is still in development and has not been canceled.