Fortnite: Shadow Legends Package Available in Japan, Here It Is on Video

Fortnite: Shadow Legends Package

We have seen this in numerous Fortnite Battaglia Reale leaks and now the Shadow Legends package appears to have appeared in the Japanese version game store.

This can only and exclusively mean one thing, missing only a few hours before European and American users can purchase the new and rich bundle in the Fortnite store. For the uninitiated, the Shadow Legends Pack includes the “Shadow” versions of three different skins already appeared in the object store, namely:

  • Shadow Skully
  • Stark Satchel
  • Shadowbird

Each costume will be accompanied by its black decorative back and, included in the package, there is also a new cover for weapons and vehicles. At the moment we do not know the precise details on the price of this package, but it is very likely that its cost is between 20 and 30 euros, just like that of the frozen legends of a few months ago.

While waiting for the DLC in question to arrive also from us, we remind you that with the new Fortnite emote you can have a nice summer barbecue. Did you also know that some users are illicitly using the Deep Dub emote to have an advantage in the Fortnite Battle Royal firefights?