Fortnite: Some Use the Deep Dub Emote to Have an Advantage in Battle


As has happened several times in the past, Epic Games may have inadvertently published a new emote in the Fortnite Battaglia Reale store that can give a distinct advantage in specific cases.

The emote in question is called Deep Dub and allows the avatar to lower his head to the level of his knees. Some players are activating the emote at a specific type of wall, which allows you to catch the enemy by surprise and, with the help of single-shot weapons like the Heavy Combat Rifle, to finish in less than no time. tell the opponent. It is very likely that we will have to wait a while before the bug is resolved since the Fortnite developers are on vacation and the updates coming in the next 2 weeks have already been planned.

Before leaving you with a video showing the functioning of the emote in combat, we remind you that the 14 Days of Summer event started today, during which a different time mode will be proposed every day and, thanks to the challenges, you can get exclusive rewards. Have you already tried the new Fortnite Revolver, available with today’s update?