Grilling Time in the New Fortnite Store Update

Grilling Time in the New Fortnite Store Update

It is summertime in the new Fortnite store update, and with the heat, it is doing these days, there is something for all tastes with new skins, emotes and anything else for sale in the shop’s daily update of the hugely popular Battle Royale.

Anyone wishing to look for a little illusory refreshment can in fact use the new Snowfoot and Snowstrike skins , epic 1500 V-Bucks, which will make you remember the beautiful winter cold, while those who are at ease with the summer heat can safely dive into the skin of Summer Drift (the famous Summer Drift which caused protests from Fortnite players ).

Dual Edge blades, the Inverted Blade pick, the Driftstream and Snowblades gliders, and the Kitsune cover are still available.

But summer also means grilling, and if you want to organize a barbecue that has style, you can’t do without the Sizzlin ‘ emote, on sale in the Daily Sales with the other Emote Lock It Up, the Assault Trooper and Grill Sergeant skins, the Icicle pick and the Hypermelon cover.