Here’s How Gears of War Was Influenced by Mad Max: Fury Road

Gears 5 ESPORT

During a recent interview, the boss of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, talked about how in particular the last two chapters of Gears of War would be inspired by the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, which was also a huge success.

According to what was declared, Gears of War 4 told the story of Kait Diaz more than anything else, even though JD Fenix was the playable character, a bit like Furiosa’s true protagonist on Furiosa, while Max was named after the film, precisely.

“Mad Max: Fury Road was actually the story of Furiosa, and Mad Max was what made it possible. That’s what we did with Gears of War 3. It was actually the story of Kait trying to save his mother, and JD was there to facilitate the task “.

In Gears of War 5, however, a change of course was decided, as the team eventually thought it would be more impactful to play it from Kait’s point of view: “It is actually more immersive to play the story than to look at it, so instead of being JD watching Kait do things, why not play as Kait and do them yourself? “

In short, an important change of perspective, which we will see if it will please fans. Meanwhile, Gears 5 arrives in September on Xbox One and PC. It could also be broadcast on Project Scarlett, but Microsoft hasn’t talked about it yet.