Hollow Knight Silksong: Developers Discuss the Release Date on PC and Switch

Hollow Knight Silksong

With an interesting discussion published on the pages of their official blog, the guys from Team Cherry illustrate the development approach adopted to give shape to the ambitious Metroidvania Hollow Knight Silksong and explain when they could see the light on PC and Nintendo Switch.

In reliving the excitement of the Nintendo Direct of E3 2019, the leaders of Team Cherry explain that “so far we have not revealed many details about Silksong’s gameplay and we want things to go on like this! The discovery is a huge component of Hollow Knight and therefore we do not want to spoil the surprise that you will have by seeing the gameplay news we are working on. Having said that, we are dealing with the basic elements of development and we are doing it in a very fast way”.

When at the launch date and the rumors circulating on the net at the hectic days of the E3 Los Angeles that gave the project as being very late or, in any case, in difficulty , the Cherry Team declares that “we thank all those who are supporting us and we are sorry to tell you that we do not have a date to communicate to you. To develop Silksong we are literally running, and this means that the game will come out both ‘when it will be ready’ and ‘when the game will match our quality and content criteria that we require from a Hollow title Knight “. We will return to talk about the launch date when we are 100% sure we can respect it. The last thing we want is to make promises that we can’t keep. 

The approach adopted by Team Cherry, therefore, seems to be the same as the developers of Animal Crossing New Horizons and Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, namely to respect the natural work shifts of their employees in order not to fuel their stress due to launch times too stringent.