In Europe Only 18% of Players Are Interested in Stadia and xCloud

Launch and Price of Google Stadia: NPD Analysts Have Doubts

A recent survey conducted in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain, revealed that it seems that European players are not as interested in streaming gaming and services as Google Stadia and Project xCloud.

In fact, according to data revealed by, as many as 70% of players said they were not interested in streaming video games, while only 15% of the total showed interest in these new technologies. On the other hand, “very enthusiastic” is only 3% of those interviewed, while the remaining 12% have said they do not know or are already using a similar service (such as PlayStation Now ).

This is not great news for the videogame industry, beyond the sample considered, given that after the presentation of Stadia, many were convinced that streaming would be the future of gaming, and who knows if the end this statement will prove to be real.

Also because the main reason why the players examined said they were not interested, is not so much for the quality of internet connections, surprisingly, as for the popularity of the physical versions of the games.

“I prefer to buy retail games rather than streaming” was, in fact, an option chosen by 31% of voters. In short, the road for the moment seems uphill, but it is possible that once these services are available, the perception of users may change in a positive way.

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