Judgment: Here Is the Launch Trailer for the Investigative Adventure of the Authors of Yakuza


The authors of Team Yakuza in the wake of Toshihiro Nagoshi pack the Judge launch trailer to accompany the successful Western commercialization exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Set in the same universe of violence as the historic SEGA series, Judgment takes us in the role of private investigator Takayuki Yagami to lead us into the slums of Kamurocho and recompose the puzzle of puzzles connected to a series of unsolved murder cases.

Between adrenaline-pumping fights and complex social interactions that will involve our alter-ego in a series of minigames and dialogues whose outcome is very uncertain, the playful and narrative framework supporting the Judgment action adventure universe draws inspiration from the experience gained with the Yakuza epic by the authors led by Nagoshi.

For those who want to deepen their knowledge of this new intellectual property to evaluate their purchase on PS4 or not, in addition to viewing the launch trailer that we propose at the bottom of the article.