Launch Trailer for Samurai Shodown: Free Season Pass Until June 30th

Samurai Shodown: A Demo Arrives in Japan on PS4 and Xbox One

After bringing back the King of Fighters series in 2016 with its fourteenth chapter, SNK also brings the Samurai Shodown fighting franchise to life.

To celebrate the arrival of the new episode, and to invite us to unleash the blade and prepare for the new battle, SNK has published the game’s launch trailer that you can see at the top of the news.

As we are reminded at the end of the video, the Samurai Shodown Season Pass will be redeemable at no additional cost for all those who purchase the base game by June 30th. Within the additional package are included four wrestlers, whom you will already know if you are familiar with the series: Rimururu, Basara (both first appeared in Samurai Shodown III), Kazuki Kazama (from Samurai Shodown IV), and finally Wan -Fu (present in the franchise since the first chapter). These characters will be added to the roster “over the next few months”, and you can admire them thanks to the images you find at the bottom of the news.

In addition to this, as confirmed by the enthusiastic words of lead producer Yasuyuki Oda, spurred by the enthusiasm shown by the fans, SNK decided to bring Samurai Shodown to the new edition of EVO which will be held in August.

Samurai Shodown is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.