Marvel’s Avengers Can Also Be Played Offline

Marvel's Avengers:

One of the main titles shown during the last E3 2019 in Los Angeles was certainly Marvel’s Avengers, the first game born from the agreement between the house of ideas and Square Enix that should give life to several projects.

Although the title features a strong online cooperative component for four players, the developers have also announced the presence of an entirely single-player campaign. This story cannot be played in the company of other users and, to the delight of those who do not particularly appreciate the so-called “always online” titles, it can be started and completed even without an internet connection. The development team has stated that it wants to offer a fully functional title even to less experienced users who simply want to buy the game in box format in their favorite store, go home and play without worrying about updates and problems of various kinds. Needless to say, to take advantage of the online component of the game it will be necessary to have an internet connection and the latest version update.

It also seems that playing offline it is not possible in any way to try the heroes that will be added for free over time, which inevitably will not be playable in the single-player campaign.

We remind you that the first DLC of Marvel’s Avengers will be Ant-Man, of which a first trailer is already available in 4K. We also know with certainty that the maps of Marvel’s Avengers will not only involve the planet Earth.