Red Dead Online: New Images of Lunar Settings Outside the Boundaries of the Map


The collective of amateur developers passionate about Red Dead Online and known on Twitter as “The Grannies” claim to have managed to overcome the boundaries of the map and, to witness it, have created a real photographic reportage showing the bizarre settings of the external Frontier.

To achieve this, each of the members of The Grannies digital posse has invested several hours of their playing time in the spasmodic search for the “weak points” of the boundaries of Red Dead Online’s free-roaming map, all for the sole purpose of venturing in the still unexplored regions of the Frontier.

As illustrated by the collective of fans of the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer mode, once you cross the invisible boundary that borders the Red Dead Online game zone, you can enter a region of several tens of square kilometers , with valleys, mountain ranges , arid deserts, forests and even settlements with buildings strictly in low-poly graphics .

The striking images taken by members of The Grannies posse offer us panoramic views of the lunar settings of the external Frontier, with glitches that produce graphics artifacts so bizarre as to make the adventure experienced by the Red Dead Online digital explorer collective even more unforgettable.