Red Dead Online Receives Many Items and Bonuses; The Ancient Tomahawk Arrives on Xbox One

Red Dead Online Receives Many Items and Bonuses

The usual weekly update of Red Dead Online has brought with it many new contents for both PS4 and Xbox One, including new clothing, PE bonuses for skill cards and much more.

Let’s start by reporting the arrival of the ancient Tomahawk on Xbox One, together with the Showdown No wastage: ancient Tomahawk completely focused on it. You can buy the weapon from one of five fences located in Saint-Denis, Rhodes, Emerald ranch, Van Horn and Thieves Landing. In addition to the weapon and the mode, yesterday the other contents that came earlier on PS4 arrive on Xbox One , namely the Andalusian perlino horse, the Sella Belanger, the Finley Jacket, the Spurs with Stenger studs, the Caldwell Hat and the two new emotes “Vanto” and “Ehi, tu!”, and the massacre all against all of Ultimo survivor.

Moreover, in all the versions of the game, many new contents have been added. At the Tailors, you will find the Common Cap and the Horsfall Camicione, while from Wheeler, Rawson & Co. the following items:

  • Griffith Chaps – Warm bison fur combined with heavy leather with raised stitching and buttoned pockets;
  • Charro jacket – A Charro jacket inlined deer leather, with a hand-sewn brocade and elegant brass buttons on the chest and cuffs .;
  • Clymene overcoat – Coat in soft top quality leather with elegant brass buttons;
  • Vaquero Baroque Spurs – Hand-decorated leather spurs with an 8-pointed spur.

Obviously, bonuses are not missing either. All equipped Skill Cards, both for the Dead Eye and passive, will accumulate 20% more PE in any mode. For high-ranking players, this week the stables put on sale special saddles that offer numerous benefits, such as lower consumption of the Nuclei and faster regeneration, with a discount of 25%. Horses that previously could only be released from rank 41 or higher are now available in rank 40. All hats that required reaching rank 30 now require rank 10.

Finally, the developers have made it known that they are working to implement some of the most requested features in the next major update, including the ability to change the appearance of their character without losing progress, the automatic storage of the preferred style of play ( Defensive / Offensive) when switching to Free Roam and much more.