SEGA Confirms Its Intention to Continue to Republish Its Classic Games

Sega Prepares for Sonic's 30th Anniversary: ​​2021 Will Be a Great Year for the Series

Interviewed by the editors of on the subject of the arcade re-editions of classic titles, SEGA Europe’s executive vice president, John Clark, confirmed his willingness to republish the old masterpieces that wrote the company’s history.

In fact, according to the senior manager of SEGA, “why on earth should we stop reaching the public? There is always a demand for this kind of games, in one format or another. We have excellent content and we are convinced that we will never succeed in saturating the market for all these retro contents, so I think we will continue to follow this path trying to make it even wider”.

Therefore, if we want to pay attention to Clark, the strategy implemented by SEGA with the re-publication of great classics in digital version on PC, console and mobile systems is destined to continue also in the coming years, thus giving way to the Japanese company to keep alive the more iconic intellectual properties awaiting a future relaunch with unreleased video games that, perhaps, could take place with Sonic in 2021 , coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of the blue hedgehog saga.