Several Days After His Death, Youtuber Etika Was Found Deceased

Youtuber Etika

Desmond Amofah, a famous personality from the gaming world on YouTube known as “Etika”, was found deceased. The body of the boy, who was 29, was found by the New York police after several days of research after the mysterious disappearance of the YouTuber.

Desmond Amofah was notoriously a big Nintendo fan, and for that reason, he concentrated most of his content – including video rations, often shared by users on the Internet – on the productions of the great N.

Over the years, however, it seems that the boy has begun to suffer from serious mental problems, which more than once led him to express his willingness to commit his own suicide (apparently Amofah would have contacted the police in the past declaring to having bought a gun to end his life).

On June 19, a video entitled “I’m Sorry” was uploaded online, later deleted from its channels. From this moment, the boy disappeared in the eyes of anyone, but the fact that some of his personal objects (such as his gaming monitor) were found inside his apartment, initially let believe a “simple” voluntary removal. However, the police noticed some forced house locks and spotted some of the boy’s clothing near the Manhattan Bridge. Yesterday, unfortunately, the authorities confirmed that they had found Amofah’s body, but no other details were shared at the time.