Silver Chains: Announced in the Video the Scary Horror of Ghosts and Floating Dolls


Strengthened by the success of Dead Cells, the German publishers of Headup Games turn their eyes towards dark-colored adventures to give way to the authors of Cracked Heads Games to introduce us to Silver Chains, a terrifying horror for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The title, as is the tradition for this kind of dark-colored experiences, is set inside an abandoned house in rural England. Our alter-ego, Peter, will wake up inside this house after being hit by a tree branch during a violent storm.

The blow immediately caused temporary amnesia to poor Peter: the user’s purpose will, therefore, be to help the young man regain his lost memory and understand, in doing so, how he managed to get himself into this trouble.

To re-tie the thread of Peter’s memories we will have to go into the abandoned house and discover the dark secrets of this house. The game scaffolding erected by the Silver Chain developers will consequently leverage the spirit of the resourcefulness of our character and the curiosity of the users, thus leading us to live a thrilling experience among environmental puzzles to solve, demonic creatures, to be exorcised and ghosts to escape from.

The ‘ digital nightmare of the poor Peter begins on August 6 coinciding with the launch of Silver Chain PC through the pages of Steam and GOG. The console version intended for lovers of survival horror on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will arrive later this year. Take a look at the images and the presentation video and tell us what you think of this project.