The Boss of Epic Games Store Defends Its Exclusivity Policy

Epic Game Store

That of the games obtained in exclusive, even if temporal, is a policy that Epic Games Store has been implementing for some time now, and is one of the most discussed by the videogame industry in general, as well as obviously by customers, first users of videogames.

But for Tim Sweeney, although it may be a practice that many do not like, it is necessary for the good of the industry. The same boss from Epic Games talked about it in a Twitter post. According to the statements, Epic’s strategy is the only one possible to change the current 70/30 business model, where 70% of earnings go to developers and 30% to sales platforms.

The store founded by Sweeney in fact, takes only 12% of the earnings, leaving as much as 88% to the developers, which makes its platform more attractive in theory, in addition to the fact that other money is then spent to grab exclusive games.

Sweeney then stated that although other independent retailers have done a great job in the past few years, none of them has been able to reach even 5% of sales data on Steam. So, maybe the strategy of Epic exclusives will make the company less appealing to anyone (Shenmue 3 will be the exclusive Epic Games Store, which has caused different discontent among users), but for now, it seems to work.

That 30% is, in fact, a rather high quota that can completely erase the profits of the developers, creating a disastrous situation for the industry, while if Epic Games with its model managed to become the number 2 permanently behind Steam, the situation could change , and perhaps the Valve platform could revise its policies, thus resulting in greater investments in the development of video games and a lowering of costs.

However, as Sweeney himself admitted, there is still a long way to go. What do you think of his words?