The Character of Kratos Was Going to Be Cut by God of War for PS4

God of War for PS4 Has Sold Ten Million Copies

If you have a PlayStation 4, you have probably already played God of War. If you have not yet done so, stop reading this news and run to it. The title of Santa Monica Studio is simply one of the best titles of the generation.

Here we will not dwell on the reasons that made it great, but we will tell you about an interesting background of the development that left us amazed. Apparently, if it hadn’t been for Cory Barlog, by now we’d be talking about a profoundly different game.

Brace yourselves: during the preliminary stages of processing, some members of the development team pushed for the elimination of the character of Kratos from history. “During the first discussions, several people wanted to get rid of Kratos. They said: ‘it’s annoying, it’s over'”, the director said. According to them, his role as an anti-hero had already been widely developed during the original trilogy (and related spin-offs), so the new chapter needed a new protagonist.

Fortunately, Barlog firmly opposed it. The director, unlike the others, saw many potentialities in the character and proposed a story built around the evolution of his personality and the relationship with his son Atreus. His proposal, as you well know, was made for real, but at the time many people had doubts. Apparently the most worried were the animators, not very enthusiastic about having to work on the animations of two characters present on the screen for the totality of the adventure (or almost). In any case, the top management of Santa Monica Studio gave the green light to the realization of the Barlog idea. The rest is history.