The Shotgun Is Finally Back in Fortnite Battle Royale !

The Shotgun Is Finally Back in Fortnite Battle Royale !

The 9.30 # 1 Fortnite update released yesterday June 25 introduced a lot of new features, among which the 14 Days of Summer event and the new Epic and Legendary Revolver variants stand out.

The update, in any case, has proved to be very important also for the goal of the Battle Royale, since it was removed and at the same time reinserted a good deal of weapons and objects. The rare tactical Assault Rifle, Pulse Grenades, Portable Slit, and Pirate Cannon have been moved to the warehouse. At the same time, the shock wave grenade, the silenced machine gun (to counterbalance the removal of the rare tactical assault rifle and provide a viable alternative to the burst machine gun), the uncommon/rare Revolver and above all, the Shotgun!

The shotgun was removed early May, but Epic Games finally opted for its reintroduction. Here is the explanation he gave us: “We have received many comments on the effectiveness of the heavy tactical rifle and the heavy combat rifle, so we would like to experiment in a world where the shotgun completes the range of heavy rifles. 

What do you think? Are you happy with his return? Meanwhile, as part of the 14 Days of Summer event, the Light Machine Gun was reintroduced: however, this weapon will remain in play for only one day, after which it will be replaced by another old glory.