To Complete the History of Borderlands 3 It Will Take About 35 Hours

Amara the Mermaid Fights in the New Video Game of Borderlands 3 from E3

Borderlands 3 will be a considerably bigger game than its predecessors, since, as stated by Gearbox, the game world, which will include several planets to explore, is bigger than we have ever seen in the saga.

This will obviously also be reflected in the longevity of the game, and it seems that players will be satisfied: to complete Borderlands 3 it will take about 35 hours to finish the main campaign and some secondary missions. So, presumably, it will take much longer to see the full game 100%.

But creative director Paul Sage has kept us informed that it won’t be bigger just for the sake of being able to do it, but because Gearbox has improved every aspect of the game, trying to stay true to it: “We want to be loyal to the franchise, and “Yes, of course we also want to have new and different things. But they don’t have to be big and bulky. We didn’t think” Great, let’s add the hang glider to the game! “, we didn’t do anything like that,” Sage said.

So there will be news, even big ones, but the pleasant taste of Borderlands will remain, rather than the search for something that will amaze the player but will end up not blending well with the formula of the game.