World War Z: On Epic Games Store It Was a Success

World War Z

The World War Z development team continues to be extremely satisfied with how the sales of the game went, in particular, those of the PC version.

The game, which is available exclusively on the Epic Games Store on PC, has reached and surpassed the goal of 700,000 copies sold. According to Saber Interactive, this figure is higher than the sales of the game in digital format on the other platforms on which the shooter is available, namely PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As for the boxed edition, in the absolute first place, we find the version for the Sony console, whose sales have far exceeded those of the Xbox One version, although in this case the precise numbers have not been published.

The only thing certain is that the total sales of the undead-based shooter have now exceeded 2 million copies and, for Saber Interactive, this goal has been achieved thanks to the arrival of the Epic Games Store, a platform that is been praised several times by the developer.

We remind you that the World War Z updates roadmap is now available, some of which will be completely free for game owners.