30% of American Consumers Pay for a Subscription-Based Gaming Service


There are those who think that the future of gaming is paid subscription services, even if to tell the truth it is the present. Virtually all major publishers have one: EA has Origin Access, Microsoft has Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft will soon have Uplay +, for example.

And with the advent of Google Stadia, the business model will probably also be considered by other companies. It is indeed a model of success, given that a recent survey revealed that 30% of American consumers have already subscribed to one of these services. And note that this is not 30% of those who use videogames, but of consumers in general, so a number that will absolutely have to be taken into consideration.

Going to dig deep into this data, it turns out that 53% of Millennials have a subscription to a gaming service, while last year the figure was at 44%. It must be said that it is not entirely clear what is meant by “gaming subscription” as specified in the survey, but it is likely that online services also include Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online, and in this case the figure for as for players on consoles who have a subscription to one of them, it goes up to 63%.

In short, it is not a question of data engraved on the stone, but it certainly shows that players are more than willing to pay a fixed price for video games. What do you think?