Akira Toriyama Talks About Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and Publishes a Message for the Fans

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: The New E3 Video Is Dedicated to History

Known initially as Dragon Ball Project Z, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot was officially unveiled at E3 in Los Angeles. In the past few hours the father of the series, Akira Toriyama, wrote a message addressed to the community, published on the social profiles of the publisher Bandai Namco.

” Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is an Action RPG set in the Dragon Ball universe and will include unreleased stories never told in the manga, I’m sure the fans will be able to savor every aspect of this magical moment. There will be lots of news for the series, for example, you will experience the moment that will bring Goku to discover its true origins: launch yourself into breathtaking battles and enjoy the adventure thanks to the breathtaking graphics. I hope all this can be incredibly exciting! “

The new Dragon Ball videogame is expected for the beginning of 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the first test of the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot gameplay has been positive overall, the development team has also still several months of work in front of him to better refine some aspects of the project and give the Dragon Ball fans a title of the highest quality.