Battlefield 5: Discovered the Exhilarating Easter Egg from the Gun Gesture

Battlefield 5:

In the long list of the new features of the Battlefield 5 update of Chapter 4, the guys from EA DICE have well thought of not mentioning the introduction of a hilarious easter egg that turns the famous Gun Gesture into a real weapon usable in the game.

During one of his streams, the DANNYonPC youtube has, in fact, traced a singular altar in a remote region of one of the Battlefield 5 multiplayer maps: inside the marble niche carved into the rock, he found the mythical Handgun, the Gun with Fingers.

The weapon in question can be equipped by our alter-ego to inflict a paltry amount of damage to the enemy of turn (10 points in point-blank “shots” and only a couple of medium and long-distance damage points). The gesture of the gun has been recreated down to the last detail, with a realism that, in some ways, turns out to be even excessive: the recharge function, in fact, takes place by dislocating and bringing back the finger phalanges in their natural position.

The Gun with Fingers manages to snatch some laughter thanks to the comic strip that shows the characteristic onomatopoeic sound of “ka-pow!” in the act of firing, also changing color to go from blue to red once you hit the enemy. As you leave any further comments to this curious easter egg, we remind you that the Battlefield 5 shooter universe will further expand in the fall with Chapter 5 dealing with the Pacific War and taking us to fight on the fiery Iwo Jima beaches.