COD Modern Warfare: Developers Are Excited About the New Graphics Engine


The Principal Rendering Engineer at the head of the Polish division of Infinity Ward, Michal Drobot, discusses on the pages of the official Activision blog the potential of the new graphics engine used to shape the shooter universe of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Without going into the specifics of the COD Modern Warfare gameplay, Drobot explains that “previously, we could not create game scenes with many triangles or too many screen geometries. The new engine allows us instead to render five times more geometries per frame than what was done previously on consoles”.

As illustrated by the Infinity Ward engineer, therefore, the rendering system of the new Modern Warfare will represent a veritable generational leap compared to what is offered by the graphics of the previous chapters of Call of Duty: “In the past we could only insert three to five million polygons per frame Thanks to the new engine, we have significantly raised that theoretical limit to 16-17 million polygons per frame. In the tests conducted on the graphics engine, we even tried to push up to 24 million triangles per frame, and this just to make sure we get all the data we needed to develop the game. 

Before leaving you to the whiteboard of comments to know your opinion in this regard, we remind you that the marketing of COD Modern Warfare is scheduled for October 25thon PC, PS4 and Xbox One.