Destiny 2: Offline Server for 12 Hours of Maintenance, Cross-Save Coming?

Destiny 2

Having overcome the problems linked to the introduction of the Heroic Seraglio, the leaders of Bungie decide to turn off the Destiny and Destiny 2 servers to conduct maintenance that should last a full 12 hours on all platforms.

Access to the Tower of the last City of the Earth and to the planets of the Solar System will be precluded to all Guardians of good will until 04:00 (GMT +2) on Friday 28 June. The new phase of scheduled server maintenance (but still extraordinary for its timing) should introduce one of the features announced by Bungie on days that anticipated E3 2019, ie cross-save.

Once the PC and console maintenance phase is complete, all explorers of the Destiny 2 sci-fi universe and the Renegade expansion will be able to continue their adventure on any platform, maintaining the progress made and all the ingame bonuses obtained in the course of their own digital raids together with their own Specter. No news, however, regarding cross-play and the possibility of facing the challenges of Raids, the Crucible and multiplayer activities with fans on other platforms.

At this point we just have to wait for the conclusion of the new maintenance phase of the Destiny 2 servers that will prepare the way for the September launch of the free to play version of Destiny New Light and of the Shadowkeep expansion ( Shadows from the Deep ) on, PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.