Did Batman’s Voice Actor Suggest the Arrival of a New Arkham?


Three days ago, Batman: Arkham Knight, the last title dedicated to the masked bat to have seen the light, turned off his fourth candle, and Rocksteady Studios took the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary with a tweet. So far nothing strange: it was Kevin Conroy’s response that attracted our attention.

Conroy is the historical dubber of the masked bat. He lent his voice in animated series and animated films from the ’90s onwards, as well as in the games of the Batman: Arkham trilogy. The only exception was Origins, which featured a younger Bruce Wayne, where he was replaced by Roger Craig Smith.

In any case, good Conroy responded to the tweet with the following words: “But why stop there?”. Has he alluded to the existence of a new beloved series game? It is not the first time that Conroy has tweeted anything about the remainder of the Arkham trilogy. He already did it last May 28, when in response to a fan eager for a new episode he wrote: “Did you hear it, Rocksteady Studios?”, tagging the software house in the meantime.

Clearly, these are mere speculations. We don’t know what’s cooking in the Rocksteady offices, silent for many years now. English developers have often been associated with a Superman game, and in some cases even with a title dedicated to Suicide Squad. At the center of the rumors, there are also the guys from Warner Bros. Montreal, responsible for Arkham Origins, who according to some would be at work on something related to Batman: Court of Owls. The truth is that there is nothing certain, and for the moment the fate of the videogame bat seems to be completely shrouded in mystery.