Dr. Disrespect’s Twitch Channel Is Back Online After the Ban

Fortnite Dr. Disrespect

Sometimes they come back. Dr. Disrespect and his unmistakable mustache are back online. In fact, you will remember that during the E3, the popular streamer had shot a life in a public bathroom, thus violating not only the rules of Twitch but also the laws of the State of California.

In fact, during the life, people had been picked up involuntarily, including at least one minor, which is not exactly seen either by law or by Twitch’s platform, which of course forbids it expressly in its own regulation.

The offending direct was canceled, in fact, and the Dr. Disrespect channel was suspended from the streaming platform and returned online only in the past few hours. A temporary ban then, which lasted about two weeks, for Dr Disrespect who, as you will imagine given the character (you will also remember the epic rage quit of Dr. Disrespect and we assure you, it is certainly not the first one to which he has accustomed us), it is certainly not new to suspensions by Twitch, so much so that the last time his account was suspended, he came back with a new show with enormous success.

Are you going to use this period of absence to get back in style? We’ll find out on Twitch in the next few hours. What do you think of the popular streamer? Are you happy with his return?