Dragon Quest 12 Will Be Released on Next-Gen Consoles Like PS5, Square Enix Starts Work

Dragon Quest 12

Square Enix, Japan has announced that it is looking for numerous professional figures such as battle planners, facial motion designers, 2D background designers and technicians for the Second Development Division, a team working on a new episode of Dragon Quest.

Takeshi Uchikawa says that ” the Dragon Quest XI team will take on a new challenge, bring the series into the next-gen, with the aim of developing a new project capable of winning fans around the world!”. At the moment the game is being planned, the company is thinking of a new story and several improvements to the gameplay to evolve the game mechanics.

The only certainty at the moment is that the new Dragon Quest will be released on next-generation platforms (and almost certainly on PCs) such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett and Switch’s success, although at the time the reference consoles have not been released. Even the title has not been confirmed, with Dragon Quest XII being considered a simple working title.