Dreams on PS4: The New TV Spot Invites Us to Dream, Create and Enjoy Ourselves


The leaders of Sony Interactive Entertainment are preparing to launch a new promotional campaign focused on Dreams, the Media Molecule sandbox for PS4 that is currently in Early Access.

The “Create” promotional video recently launched by the official PlayStation social media channels leverages users’ curiosity and celebrates the inventiveness demonstrated during the Early Access phase. The spot, in all likelihood, will be broadcast throughout the summer on some British TV channels, on channels dedicated to technology and video games in Europe and, of course, on the websites of the sector.

In spite of the objective deficiencies of the early access version of Dreams, whoever is participating has nevertheless managed to achieve levels and mini-games able to easily hold the qualitative comparison with the major productions. In this regard, it is sufficient to cite as an example of the mythical Up flying house and the levels inspired by Metal Gear Solid and Cyberpunk 2077. The writer has even tried to create a party game about the Olympics, achieving results halfway between the comic and the catastrophic!

The Early Access phase of Dreams, as explained in recent weeks by the same authors of Media Molecule, should not last long : the final version of the sandbox exclusively on PlayStation 4 will include all the editor tools, the complete set of video tutorials, the levels of the “main campaign” and the explanatory packages full of audio and graphic assets to facilitate the creation of custom levels.