Etika, Petition for the Streamer to Be Buried in the YOUTUBE Office


On June 19, YouTuber Desmond “Etika” Amofah disappeared after uploading a video on the platform that was essentially a suicide note. A few days later, the sad ending of the affair: the New York police found the young man’s body, lifeless.

The boy was known on the internet because of his videos, very often linked to Nintendo video games, for which he had always been particularly enthusiastic. In one of these videos, Etika specifically asked to be buried at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California.

After Etika’s death, many of his fans remembered the request and initiated a petition on to assure him of this last wish, which by the time we write has exceeded a million and a half signatures.

However, this is not the only theme-based petition: its fans have launched another one, which has already collected 500,000 signatures instead, to reopen its YouTube channel, closed after Etika loses one of his mental crises. he had purposefully sabotaged, uploading pornographic videos.

Despite a large number of signatories, it is highly unlikely that the first petition will be accepted. Instead, it is easier to actually reopen his YouTube channel, also to allow the many fans to keep a last memory of the person.