For David Cage “There Are No Topics That Video Games Cannot Talk About”

David Cage

During the Gamelab in Barcelona, ​​Josef Fares of Hazelight and David Cage of Quantic Dream discussed the limits of video games. During a recent interview, Cage himself returned to the subject, specifying that videogames should not contain them.

“We agreed that there are no limits in video games. We both believe that games are a medium like TV, literature, cinema, in which we can talk about every topic. Of course, you have to do it with talent and tact, but there are no topics that cannot be talked about in a video game “.

The interview then turned towards Detroit: Become Human, that some controversy and discussion actually generated it: “We have been working on interactive stories for 22 years at Quantic Dream, so we learned this new interactive language. How do we tell a story in which the player is the main protagonist and makes decisions? How do we do in order to give consequences to these decisions? How do we put ourselves in the shoes of these characters so that they interact with your environment? I believe that Detroit: Become Human is a story about androids that in the near future want to fight for their rights. So we talk about people fighting for their freedom, in practice “.

Cage also talked about the technological development of realities like artificial intelligence“I believe that many people are starting to ask if they should worry about AI in the future. In this game, we have taken a specific position, in which the good ones are the androids and perhaps it is humans who are wrong, so maybe this thing seemed familiar to someone … “

What do you think of his statements? Also for you, videogames should not set limits?