Fortnite 14 Days of Summer: Eliminations With a Daily Weapon or Drum Gun

Fortnite, The Players Expressed Themselves The Drum Gun Is Back!

Starting from this afternoon the third challenge of the 14 Days of Fortnite Season 9 event is available. The challenge in question requires 5 eliminations with a daily weapon out of stock or a Drum Gun: let’s see how to complete it.

During the event, 14 unique challenges will be proposed accompanied by specific rewards. The reward for today’s mission will be the Water Bomb toy object. Furthermore, by completing all the challenges, you can unlock the Frappé decorative back. Below we explain how to complete today’s challenge.

Eliminations with a daily weapon out of stock or a Drum Gun (0/5)

To complete this challenge you will have to eliminate five enemies using the daily weapon out of stock or the Drum Gun.

What are daily weapons out of stock? As announced by Epic Games, during the Fortnite Summer Days we will see the return of some old weapons removed from the game. A new one will be introduced every day, and will be available for 24 hours. If you want to use the daily weapon out of stock, then, you have to consult from the menu which is the weapon of choice for the day. Alternatively, to complete the challenge you can still use the Drum Gun.

Speaking of the other challenges of the 14 Days of Summer event, we remind you that on our pages we have explained to you how to complete the challenge. Make a beach ball bounce in different games.