How Many Playable NPCs Will We Find in Watch Dogs Legion? “Between Thousands and Millions”

Watch Dogs: Legion Will Support Directx Raytracing on PC, Thanks to NVIDIA

Among the protagonists of the Ubisoft conference at E3 2019, we certainly find Watch Dogs Legion, the third iteration of the IP, ready to transport us to the heart of a future England.

Among the most innovative features of the production, we find the choice of the development team not to offer the player a single protagonist, instead of allowing users to take on the role of different NPCs they will meet on the streets of London recreated by the Ubisoft team. A feature that is certainly intriguing and that was the subject of further study during an interview granted by Shelley Johnson, associate producer of the game, to Game Crate. The portal has indeed requested more information on the number of playable NPCs in the game. Rather intriguing is Johnson’s answer, which stated: “There is no limit. It could be anywhere between thousands and millions”. Further articulating its own comment, the associated producer of Watch Dogs Legion highlighted how these are characters generated in a procedural way: “[…] we spent four years building the technology that was able to live up to this promise and that included the ability to put together this huge city of characters […] “ . It, therefore, seems that players will have the opportunity to indulge themselves in the choice of who to put their clothes on in the game which, remember, will have twenty different versions of the script