Marvel Is Very Involved in the Development of Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel's Avengers: Presented the Cast and Announce Date and Launch Platforms!

Among the most anticipated games from the community, shown at E3 2019, there is no doubt Marvel’s Avengers, although so far there is still little information we have about it. One, in particular, arrived in the past few hours, could reassure the fans.

Not only, in fact, Marvel’s Avengers is the largest project of Crystal Dynamics, but it seems to be developed in close contact with Marvel Studios, which therefore did not simply give the green light for using the brand and the franchise, but will be closely involved in the project.

Marvel talked a lot with the developers to explain to him what kind of Avenger games they had in mind. The initial idea was to have an original story about superheroes, which is why the features of the MCU actors were not used. Scott Amos of Crystal Dynamicstalked about it.

“Marvel arrived and told us:” What do you want to do? “. Here’s how it started. They looked at us and told us:” Crystal, you’re an expert in making video games, we’re experts in the Avengers. What do we want to do? What is your original idea of graphics and history? “.

It is Bill Rosemann of Marvel, vice president of creative development, who works more closely with the software house, and helps in the development of dialogues, for example. “Bill has been working in Marvel for 25 years, he knows everyone. We tell him” We have this character, and this storyline we saw in comic X “and he tells us:” I can introduce you to the author, let’s see what that person thinks about”.

“They are not collaborators, they are more than partners,” continued Amos. “They joined us as a team. We talk to them every day, we send them everything we work on, we give them demos they play and give us feedback.”

In short, there will be a lot of Marvel in the video game, thankfully. What do you think? On our site you will find all the latest news on the game: did you know for example that Marvel’s Avengers is playable even offline?