No Man’s Sky Between Beyond and Vr: Sean Murray Reflects on the Development of the Game

No Man's Sky

Interviewed by colleagues at, the founder of Hello Games, the now famous Sean Murray, tried to retrace the main stages of the troubled development of No Man’s Sky to reflect on the ambitions fed by fans for the future update with multiplayer and VR, Beyond.

“No Man’s Sky is a fun game but initially I thought it was destined to be a niche game” , Murray admits candidly before remarking the concept and affirming that “I underestimated how big it could be, once launched I thought we would enter a quiet period in which the tension would have been attenuated due to the physiological decline of users. Obviously, I changed my mind, but since then I continue to believe that every time we publish an update it will be played by half of the users. that we launched has significantly expanded the user base”.

According to the father of No Man’s Sky, therefore, despite the problems that afflicted the project in the delicate months of launch “we managed to keep numbers (sales and connected players, ed) that would make any triple-A developer of titles happy. Of course, ours is a team that is a bit ugly and a bit broken, “ explains Murray nicely before showing surprise at the level of interest in the community for the future free update of No Man’s Sky Beyond, scheduled for launch this summer on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

At the end of his interview, the volcanic English author admits that “I don’t know how it will end this time as well. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be denied again. I’m still waiting for that period of tranquility to come”. Did you also know that the No Man’s Sky community wanted to publicly thank the Hello Games guys and Sean Murray himself for post-launch support offered by financing a billboard?