Not Only the Outer Worlds: Obsidian Is Already Working on a New RPG!

Outer Worlds

The publication period for The Outer Worlds is now approaching for Obsidian Entertainment, but it seems that this is not the only project in the pipeline with the team.

The software house has in fact published a new job announcement, through which candidates are sought to perform the role of Lead Narrative Designer. The designated professional will join the development team responsible for the implementation of Obsidian Entertainment ‘s “extraordinary new multi-platform RPG”. Unfortunately, the job description does not offer further clues about the nature of this new project. However, the reference to a “multiplatform” RPG remains rather interesting: the Obsidian team was in fact acquired by Microsoft in November 2018 and is now part of the Xbox Game Studios family. By virtue of this, could the wording simply indicate a publication on a PC and on a Microsoft console? For now, it is impossible to say with certainty!

Waiting to find out more about Obsidian’s new plans, we remind you that The Outer Worlds will be published on October 25th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. From the launch, the game will be included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.