Origin: Serious Security Flaws in the Electronic Arts Client


Brought to light by Check Point Research and CyberInt, some serious security flaws have been sighted within the infrastructure of Origin, the well-known PC gaming client run by Electronic Arts.

The aforementioned companies, once the problem was established, immediately alerted the top management of Electronic Arts, equally speedy in getting down to work and, fortunately, solving the risk situation.

According to what we learn, these bugs in Origin’s security system were linked to subdomains abandoned by EA, as well as authentication tokens and other mechanisms that are part of the login and registration processes on the PC platform. As Engadget specifies , Origin’s vulnerabilities could have jeopardized the security of millions of users, registered to a client owned by the world’s second-largest gaming company. If hackers had seen the opportunity, they could easily have stolen identity and sensitive data from the many users of Origin.

“These platforms are increasingly being targeted by hackers due to the large amount of sensitive data they contain,” said Oded Vanunu of Chek Point Research. The companies that helped to find Origin’s security flaws advise you to always activate two-factor authentication and only use the official pages of the respective stores to buy or download games, as well as to alert your children of the possibility of online fraud.