Pokemon Masters for Ios and Android Will Be Released in the Summer: Here Is the First Gameplay


As planned, the leaders of The Pokemon Company finally showed the very first gameplay scenes of Pokemon Masters, the new free video game for iOS and Android mobile systems being developed by DeNA’s Japanese authors.

The next adventure that awaits Trainers from around the world will take us to Pasio, an artificial island created specifically to allow Trainers from every region of the colorful Pokemon galaxy to come together to compete in real-time 3-on-3 battles.

Our task will, therefore, be to form close-knit teams and to further tighten the bond with our favorite little monsters in the hope, in doing so, of having the better of the fierce adversaries. With Pokemon Masters, we will see an absolute novelty for the entire series, namely that of forming Units “merging” Coaches and Pokemon into teams that will provide, for example, pairs with Sandra and Kingdra, Brendon and Treecko or Ornella and Lucario.

Only the most close-knit teams, as a result, will be able to overcome the preliminary rounds of the battle to access the prestigious World Pokemon Masters. Thanks to the new feature of the Units, players will be able to draw on the strength of the bond with their favorite Pokemon to use the Unimosse , powerful attacks based on the management of an energy bar (the Move Bar ) that will fill over time depending on the number of hits scored and consecutive attacks brought to the enemy team.

The launch of Pokemon Masters is scheduled for this summer on iOS and Android systems: the title, assure the developers of DeNA and the spheres of The Pokemon Company, will evolve over time to implement new features and new content to draw on in the course of all free, to which will be added the additional elements for the aesthetic customization of your Coach that will be sold through the internal Shop .

Let us know what you think of the Pokemon Masters presentation video with the very first gameplay scenes of the new free Pokemon video game for iOS and Android smartphones.