PS5: The Results of a Gonzalo Soc Benchmark Emerge

Will PS5 Be Equipped With The Amd Gonzalo SoC

As reported by the German site WinFuture, the APISAK leaker published the results of a benchmark not better specified (most likely it is the 3DMark Fire Strike Test) performed on the Soalo Gonzalo of AMD, the same that, it is rumored, could equip PlayStation 5.

In the above test, AMD Gonzalo obtained a score of over 20,000 points. To compare the PS4 (standard model) it stopped just under 5,000 points. Even more interesting is the comparison with the GeForce RTX 2080, which achieves an average result of almost 22,000 points, while the GTX 1080 stops at 19.370. Queens of this test is the TI versions of the Nvidia cards, namely the RTX 2080 TI (24.600 media points) and the RTX 1080 TI (22.800 media points). 

This benchmark (like many others) is quite sensitive compared to the type of CPU on the motherboard, and for example, the results of an RTX 2070 GPU can vary from 18,000 to 22,000 points depending on the CPU used. 

In any case, if the result was confirmed for AMD Gonzalo, let’s talk about values ​​that seem to bear witness to a considerable gap in terms of performance compared to the technology present on the consoles of the last generation (as is obvious), although it is good to clarify that this is a single test whose conditions have not been rendered Note. 

Moreover, we do not even know with certainty whether Gonzalo will be the SoC of PS5, Sony has limited itself to confirming that PlayStation 5 will use will be based on AMD Ryzen Octa-Core processor with 2 micro-Zen architecture at 7nm and Radeon Navi GPU, with support for video output 8K and Ray-Tracing technology, the console will also be equipped with a custom SSD disk designed to significantly reduce loading times .

The technical specifications of PS5 announced by Mark Cerny are being finalized and could change before the official presentation of the console, scheduled according to some rumors by the end of the year, with output set for Christmas 2020 at a price that, according to analysts, it should not exceed 399 dollars/euros.