Quantic Dream Talks About Ending the Exclusive Relationship with Sony Playstation


Last January the exclusive relationship that linked Quantic Dream to PlayStation in the last 12 years was interrupted, during which the likes of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Due Anime and Detroit: Become Human arrived on Sony platforms.

Therefore, the French study has become multiplatform. Heavy Rain, to begin with, arrived on the Epic Games Store for PC, and soon it will be followed by the other two. The team has also started working on a new graphics engine and a mobile game, and from now on it will independently publish both its own titles and those of third parties. To this end, veteran Sebastien Motten, who worked for Microsoft for 16 years, was hired. Much of this has been made possible by the funding provided by the Chinese NetEase.

A real revolution, of which the boss David Cage had the opportunity to speak during the recent GameLab in Barcelona: “After 23 years, of which 12 spent working exclusively for Sony, the right time had come for the company to follow his way and exploring new directions. We wanted to create more than one game at a time, we wanted to become a publisher, too. These last two, we recall, will be launched respectively on July 27th and in the autumn.

“It was like starting a new journey,” he continued. “We felt ready. When we met the people at NetEase, we understood that they were the right ones, they understood our vision and were able to support it. We are also interested in the Asian and mobile markets. We have many different ideas and crazy things in mind to be implemented in the near future”.