The Coalition on the Possible Publication of Gears 5 on Xbox Scarlett

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The next-gen is just around the corner, with the Xbox Scarlett to be launched during the 2020 Christmas season, as confirmed by Phil Spencer himself on stage at the Microsoft E3 2019 conference.

The new console of the Redmond giant will be able to count on Halo Infinite at launch , and many are wondering if to further enrich the line-up of the platform there will also be the name of Gears 5, the new episode of the TPS series that promises to update the franchises through the introduction of numerous gameplay additions .

This question was answered by Rod Fergusson, leader of The Coalition, who in an interview conducted by stated that the development team, for the moment, is entirely focused on launching the game on Xbox One set for the September 5, and it is not yet ready to talk about a possible publication on Scarlett next year.

“As far as Gears 5 is concerned, we are currently focused on the standard Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox One. The Xbox One family. This is what we are dealing with now. I think you can make assumptions about what we will do or not, but I think it is too early to talk about it”. Statements that, although they do not constitute confirmations of any kind, seem to leave all in all open the doors for the arrival of a special version of Gears 5 for Project Scarlett (which in any case will be able to run the title through backward compatibility).

Recall that Gears 5 will be available starting September 5 on PC Windows 10 and Xbox One.