The Creator of Prince of Persia Would like to Make a New Game in the Series

Prince of Persia

In addition to David Cage by Quantic Dream, Jordan Mechner, author of the original Prince of Persia, the acclaimed 2003 Sands of Time and the 2010 Disney-branded movie with Jake Gyllenhaal as the prince also took part in the Barcelona GameLab.

Mechner took the opportunity to present his book focused on the creation of the progenitor of the series, which took place three decades ago. Published by Stripe Press, the tome is based on the diaries written by him during processing. As easily imaginable, the spectators present took the opportunity to ask him questions about the videogame saga. One, in particular, after debuting the many sagas that are experiencing a sort of renaissance, asked him if he would like to see a revival of Prince of Persia. Believing that he was referring to a remaster, Mechner replied: “I would like to play again with one of those old games”.

In any case, the viewer immediately made it clear that he actually wanted to know if he was interested in a new chapter in the series. Mechner, at that point, responded with a simple, but unequivocal, “Yes”. We are sure that many people want the same thing, although at the moment there seems to be nothing concrete in the works. The prince lost track in 2013 when he arrived on mobile devices with the unsuccessful Prince of Persia: Shadow of the Flame. What if Ubisoft was preparing something to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series properly? We’ll see. The book of Mechner, for its part, will be published during the spring of next year.