The Rare Logo Is… a Roll of Toilet Paper. Did You Know?


Although it was incorporated by Microsoft in 2002, Rare remains one of the most important and beloved developers on the Nintendo scene today. These are the authors of titles such as Battletoads, Donkey Kong Country, and Banjo-Kazooie just to mention a few.

And we are sure that many of you have spent your childhood watching the famous company logo appear before uploading your favorite games. Maybe you never noticed it, but do you know what that logo was inspired by? From a roll of toilet paper!

Its author and former artist Rare, Kevin Bayliss, spoke about it in an exchange with a user on Twitter, letting it slip away almost by accident. The user in question asked him if he had created the whole logo or just the golden R, and the author replied: “I designed the golden toilet roll on the blue background, and then I updated it to a simple R years later “.

So yes, that R is just a roll of toilet paper. It is also possible to notice it in the intro of one of their games, Conker: Live & Reloaded, released on Xbox in 2005. In fact, in the initial video, the same Rare logo fades … into a roll of toilet paper on the screen. Look to believe.